Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris - автор, создающий фантастические произведения. Charlaine Harris – раскрывает тайны и отправляет нас в самые отдаленные закаулки фантазий. Если что-то из перечисленного вы уже читали, то оцените издания, поднимая их в списках и рейтингах или же, наоборот, понижая их позиции, отправляя книги в антирейтинг.

An Ice Cold Grave
  • Charlaine Harris
Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager, and now she can find the dead. In her third case, Harper and Tolliver, her stepbrother, are hired to find a missing grandson.

Club Dead: A True Blood Novel
  • Charlaine Harris
There's only one vampire Sookie Stackhouse is involved with - at least voluntarily - and that's Bill. But recently he's been a little distant - in another state distant.

Dead Until Dark
  • Charlaine Harris
For years, Charlaine Harris has delighted fans with her mystery series featuring small-town waitress-turned-paranormal sleuth Sookie Stackhouse.

Grave Sight
  • Charlaine Harris
Harper Connelly had a lucky escape when she was hit by lightning: she didn't die.

Grave Surprise
  • Charlaine Harris
A bolt of lightning struck Harper Connelly when she was 15, leaving her with a strange spider web of red on her torso and right leg, episodes of weakness, shakes and headaches - and an ability to find dead people.

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